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Become a Tester

If you are a Booster member we would love to have you join our focus group. It is 2hrs and online, so you can do from the comfort of your home.

Details are:
  • You MUST be a Boostermember
  • 25th May, 11:45 AM (sharp) to 1:45 PM (NZST)
  • You must be able to dial into a video conference (Zoom)

    Other Personal Information

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    By getting these details we can better match you up to specific demographics requested by clients. None of the fields are compulsory, however by filling them out it will help you get more tests.

    Please answer the following question truthfully. We require testers of ALL skill levels.
    Which of the following special demographics (if any) apply to you?Speak English as a second languageMaoriLow tech literacyCognitive disabilityVision impairment
    Are you a native speaker in a language other than English?
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    Got any questions?

    1300 603 388


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