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FAQ for businesses

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, and which package you choose, you’ll have your results within 2-5 business days from the date the test starts. Preliminary results can come in even sooner!

Our testers are everyday Australian internet users. They can sign up to take part in the user testing process via this website, or we’ll recruit to find the correct demographic for your test. Interested in becoming a tester and getting paid to test websites and applications? If you're interested in user testing, sign up here.

We take privacy very seriously and all our testers and employees sign non-disclosure agreements. Prototypes can be hosted on our secure server, and we treat all material as confidential.

Depending on the package you have selected, we’ll provide some or all of the below: Customised Test Plan, Prototype review, recruiting and briefing testers, testing videos, analysed observations report, basic or comprehensive recommendations report, testing highlights video, dedicated Account Manager.

Still wondering why user testing is important for your business? Want more information regarding how user testing works? Contact us today!

User testing can have big ROI across multiple different dimensions. Testing a website during the design phase using clickable prototypes can save on the cost of developing broken or unwanted features. User testing can also help optimise the user journey to increase conversions on an existing site by removing obstacles and roadblocks. Finally, acting on findings uncovered by user testing will create better experiences for customers, leading to an increase in brand loyalty and customer advocacy.

A researcher will design a test plan by identifying the key tasks that they would like to investigate, they can then recruit participants that match their audience, and have them record their screens while they carry out those tasks on the interface. The researcher then uses these recordings to catalogue observations and insights that can be used to make better design decisions.

User testing or 'usability testing', is a form of research that involves observing real people carry out key tasks on an interface, and using those observations to inform design decisions.

Good user experience is important because it allows your users to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively, driving positive impressions about your brand and creating loyal customers. User testing is a central part of the user experience design process.

Performing a user test on a prototype is one of the best ways to utilize user research. Validating design hypotheses and identifying usability problems at the design stage can save on the cost of developing unwanted or poorly designed features.

The purpose of usability testing is to understand how real people carry out a task or complete a goal, and to base designs around this understanding.

It’s best to ask open ended, non-leading questions about their experience when carrying out a task. However, sometimes it’s best to not ask any questions, and instead observe the behaviours and actions of the participants as they use the interface.

The price for user testing can vary depending on the following:
- Number of testers needed
- Analysis needed
For a more detailed breakdown of costs and a free quote; contact the Testmate team.

User testing can be used to great effect by all businesses that create and manage digital products. Small to large businesses can benefit from usertesting their products and websites. Contact the Testmate team to see how we can help.

User tests typically take between 10 and 45 minutes. Shorter tests are recommended in order to maximise the attention of the users.

This will depend on what your objectives are for the research. If you are looking to identify usability issues in a design, you can use a smaller sample size of 8-15 users to detect the majority of issues that are present. If you are wanting to set a usability benchmark by recording metrics such as 'task completion rate' or 'time to completion', then you will need a much larger sample size in order to achieve an accurate result.

User tests are recorded live as the participants carry out the task. Analysis of the videos occurs once all participants have submitted their test videos.

Users are real people that sign up to become a tester on our website. For specific demographics, we are also able to recruit new users through social media and targeted advertising.

Testers are selected based on the demographic makeup of your audience.

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