Case Study

Italian Villa Vacations

Being a high-end luxury travel website we had to ensure we got the right testers through user testing to get critical insights that talk directly to their target market.

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Stage One

Wireframe Testing


Stage Two

Design Testing


Stage Three

Staging Testing

User Testing Strategy

We identified the best approach was for three rounds of user testing. At such a high price point it was important to test and understand the information and content required, specific to this target market.

It was identified that the visuals were going to be important for this target market and so the second round of testing, on a design prototype, had a strong focus on identifying the particular imagery and messaging that would resonate.


“The user testing surprised us with how efficient it was at finding insightful results. I’m certain the user testing was an instrumental part of the overall success of our new design”

Given this website was very functionally heavy, the website staging testing was critical in seeing if users could intuitively search for properties and find all relevant information.  Testing of the search and navigation was another important focus given the large volume of properties and the central role this played in the user journeys.


Key Findings

The key findings through the user testing that helped create a better final experience included:

  • Identifying the importance of the propositional messaging around ‘personalised, luxury experiences’
  • Strong visuals and showing them off had a big impact on trust
  • Search through the map of Italy proved to be more orientating and important for users
  • Clear labeling in the mega menu and key phrases were identified to help with the user navigation
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The Results



The website increased from an NPS of 15 on the first round of testing, to 71 on the final round. This compares to an industry average of only 18.



The SUS score which indicates usability scored 91 after testing on the staging environment (top 3% of websites).

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