Demographics: Recruiting The Ideal Testers to Mirror your Customers Demographics: Recruiting The Ideal Testers to Mirror your Customers

Demographics: Recruiting The Ideal Testers to Mirror your Customers

  • date-ic 31 Aug 2018
  • time-ic 3 minutes read

Let’s be clear: we could generate all the customer insights, analysis and feedback you could ever need with our advanced user testing, but if we’re asking urban millennials about a retirement properties website or over 65’s about an app for backpackers, we’d be wasting our time and your money.

So, how do we avoid this? Well, initially at least, the onus is on you. How well do you know your users and target audience? You probably know their age ranges and genders, but what about their income brackets or levels of education? Or if we drill down deeper, are they the kind of person who is wary and hesitant about online banking or even shopping, or do they order breakfast, lunch, dinner and a taxi home through their array of apps?

Tailored User Testing For Bespoke Insights

You probably get the impression. The tighter the demographics you can give us, the more accurate the customer profile and target audience, the better we can hone in on and recruit the ideal testers for your app or website. We aim to hold a mirror up to your user base. And – with our established database of over 2,000 Australian testers, spanning the country, education and income levels, ages and much more – it’s easy for us more often than not. (But we always leave you the option of providing your own testers if you’d prefer.) With testers tailored to perfectly reflect a cross section of your users, the insights and analysis TestMate generates will be as bespoke as they are applicable and relevant.

What if – you may be wondering – your knowledge of your customer demographics just isn’t that deep? Sometimes there is no quick fix to this, other times the data maybe sat there in records just waiting to be analysed. Either way, and regardless of whether or not you are going to employee user testing for insight and analysis, there are huge benefits to broadening and deepening your knowledge of your customers and market.

Not only can you potentially save tens of thousands of dollars by not developing a product that will fall flat on its face, you could increase conversion rates by getting a handle on the dynamics that drive your customers. If you understand both the concerns they hold and the issues they face, you can hand them the superb customer experience that will keep bringing them back and give you a healthy bottom line.

Getting To Know Our Customers

If your knowledge of your customer base is more towards the foggy end of the scale, you may be asking yourself how you can nudge it away from anonymous and towards intimate. How do we learn more about our customers? Well, occasionally the most obvious answer is the best one: start by asking the people who know… the customers! Do they surf the web on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile? Ask them. Want to know if they have a master’s degree, own a blender or book restaurants online? Ask them. Be gentle of course and don’t expect all or most of them to answer you, but do expect your knowledge of them and their demographics to build steadily.

Know your customer, know your base, know your demographics. Then let us generate the critical insight and analysis with our customised and comprehensive user testing to tell you exactly what they want and need from your product. To tell you sticking points, the little issues, the big issues. This will give you the confidence to develop or roll out your product knowing it is built on an exceptional foundation. And ultimately it will give your customers the smooth customer journey and user experience that takes them from one time user to loyal customer.


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