User Testing for E-Commerce

As an Online Retailer, you’re focused on selling your awesome products and interacting with your customers to give them the best possible shopping experience. TestMate will help you understand and improve how your customers browse and buy on your website!

  • Help customers find what they need
  • Improve conversion rates and increase orders
  • Provide the best possible checkout experience
Finding what you need should be a breeze
Your products need to be intelligently organised and categorised in a way that is intuitive to your customers. By understanding how your customers search for and browse products, you’ll be able to improve this experience significantly.
Ideas to help you increase sales
There are so many areas of your website that can be improved to increase conversion rates and the average order value. Testing changes to copy, structure, and design with real customers, can validate ideas and generate new ones!
Don’t empty the shopping cart!
A poor checkout experience can make or break an E-Commerce website. It is vital to understand how customers experience purchasing your product across a number of different devices, and that’s where TestMate comes in!

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