User Testing for Financial Institutions

As a Financial Institution today, the online experience that you provide your retail customers has the ability to separate you from your competitors and establish your brand as a technological leader.

  • Strengthen your brand in the internet age
  • Reduce the load on your helpdesk
  • Test new ideas and optimise existing products
User Experience as a brand differentiator
With more customers banking online than ever, a satisfying and consistent user experience across all your digital products and platforms can strengthen and may even help redefine your brand. Understanding customer behaviour through usability testing is the first step to creating engaging experiences.
User experience before customer support
By optimising the customer experience of your online platforms, you’ll significantly reduce the load on your Helpdesk. TestMate can even find users who meet a niche demographic set in line with your product, to help understand issues that may require customer service assistance.

Test before writing a single line of code!
Even though your products might be complex, they need to be simple enough for your customers to use. By conducting usability testing on prototypes of product improvements or changes, you’ll be able to refine before developing, saving both time and money.

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