User Testing for Health Insurance

In order to gain and retain customers in a competitive industry, the online experience of health insurance providers needs to be cutting edge. Usability testing with TestMate can help you understand and optimise the experience for new and existing customers alike.

  • Stay ahead of your competitors
  • Simplify complex products and workflows
  • Understand how customers experience new ideas
Smash competition with winning UX
With so many options for health insurance providers in Australia, online best practice is vital. By constantly testing with real customers, you’ll stay ahead of competitors and attract new customers.
Making the complex…simple!
Health Insurance products can be complex for customers to get their head around. By optimising the user experience of areas such as online quotes, product guides and member portals, you’ll ensure customers better understand your offering.
Fast Feedback on New Ideas
When making changes to products or implementing new ones, usablity testing will provide you with a thorough understanding of how customers will react to changes, before you go live!

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