Manage Testing Using Personal Information - Overcome Tester Anxiety

2 Easy Steps To Overcoming the Challenge Of Personal Information And Tester Anxiety - 2 minutes read

Here at the Testmate lab we have performed a handful of tests recently which required testers to input their real personal details.  Unsurprisingly, many testers voiced concerns with this. Issues raised included using those details for direct marketing or affecting an existing account.

While you’re designing a test it can be easy to overlook these concerns, especially when they are something you want to test anyway.  It is still important that in testing conditions, your testers are comfortable and ready to progress through each task.  To this end, we have a few recommendations to keep testers confident while simultaneously ensuring effective test results.

1. Privacy Statement

You should print a privacy statement and place this before any testing material.  By reminding testers visually, and verbally, that that their personal details are safe can serve to reduce anxiety.

If you are testing whether people are concerned about entering personal details and are worried about not gaining good insight as a result of the privacy statement, ask testers directly.  Instead of assuming that people will react a certain way, if you ask how they feel about using personal details you can gather more specific, detailed responses.


2. Use Fake Details

Unless the test involves judging tester reactions to entering personal details, it is not necessary to ask them to use their actual details.  Instead, give testers the information they would need to complete the form and complete the test itself.

While testing forms recently, providing alternative details for testers to use can reduce hesitation and nervousness and ensure that you receive feedback on only the elements you want tested.

Do you need to test specific demographics but aren’t sure where to start? Get in touch and let us help you overcome these challenges!

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