Pricing depends on a few variables.


# of testers


Any custom recruitment for difficult demographics


Remote or
moderated testing


Type or service, reporting or depth of analysis

testers (1)

We would need to speak to you to be able to give a proper quote but below are some ball park numbers.

Normally we do testing
on 6-16 users (across mobile
and desktop devices).


DIY Testing Recruitment Only

This is when we are doing recruitment only. We will provide the testers and your completed videos and written surveys. You would then do your own analysis and reporting with the option of using our platform to support your research.


(6 users)


Managed End to End User Testing

This is when we do the full testing for you which would include recruitment, test plan creation, written survey, user testing, analysis of results and reporting.

Light Reporting
(Rapid Report):


Medium Reporting
(Summary Report):


Comprehensive Reporting + Highlights videos


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    Important questions

    This can be a tricky question to answer. In short, most of our tests are between 8-16 users. If you are testing on multiple devices then 12-16 is often better so you can split it either 6-8 per device.

    In terms of the slightly longer answer, if you test 10 testers you should find usability issues affecting down to 25% of users (with 95% confidence). If you want to find rarer issues, affecting down to only say 5% of users, then you would need 40 testers to have the same confidence.

    In addition if you require quantitative data to inform decisions then you often need to test with numbers in the order of 100-200 testers.

    Yes, as long as users can access your prototype then we can test it. We do find prototypes work best when fully linked up. So that means all the link on the pages are clickable (even if just to the same page). This helps users click more naturally and then can’t guess the ‘happy path’ as easily

    Yes, absolutely. With every report you also get all the raw data yourself so you can also go back and review and look deeper into areas of interest.

    Our minimum number is 6 testers for any user test. This ensures we get sufficient data to be able to provide complete reports and have confidence in our recommendations.

    The maximum number of users in a user test does depend on the demographic requirements. But for loose demographics (broad cross section of Australian population) we can test up to 400 participants.

    The timing of our projects does depend on the report type and the number of participants. Normally this is within a two week start to finish period, however this can be 3 or even 4 weeks for significantly larger sample sizes. In a two week project perios we usually take one week doing all the preparation in terms of briefing, test plan and recruitment. After text launch we usaully deliver the report within one week of the test commencement.

    Yes, all of our data is securely stored on Australian servers. We take privacy and security very seriously. We do not store any personal credit card details.
    In additional any personal data from user tests is blurred out on any vision to the client.

    Yes, we offer a range of different user testing services which includes moderated, remote undmoderated and remote moderated user testing.

    Sometimes systems will require real personal information to be used. We can still test in these situations. Our users will be make aware of the requirements around personal information before testing and we also blur out any personal information before sending it through to clients. In this way testers personal information is protected.