The cost-effective side of User Testing The cost-effective side of User Testing

The cost-effective side of User Testing

  • date-ic 16 May 2018
  • time-ic 2 minutes read

user testingUser testing was developed as a fast, inexpensive solution to mitigate these risks by validating assumptions and steering design in the right direction with the use of real user feedback. The data gained through usability studies and tests are unmatched! User issues and possibilities can be uncovered in addition to providing designers with a roadmap for immediate changes that are necessary. I can guarantee that fixing these problems before the true launch date will make your life easier and stress-free afterwards.

The idea that user testing equates to outrageous costs is often a result of a few misconceptions – tests must be run in usability labs and, that it’s necessary to source various examiners as well as participants. However, it has been recommended not to conduct tests in labs as it is often more distracting than anything else. Outsourcing tests to specialists is also more effective as they likely have examiners and a user pool on hand. This way all you have to do is reap the benefits!

piggy bank

Another method that has proven to be quite easy and cost-effective in recent years is remote user testing. With this process, participants and experimenters can be in two different locations. Experimenters work away in their office while participants peacefully conduct their tests at home in natural surroundings. Rather than having to monitor and observe users throughout the entire test, participants conduct a ‘thinking out loud test’ where they essentially verbalise their thoughts and processes as they move through the interface while being recorded. 

user testingWhether you decide to conduct tests yourself or outsource the work to specialists, it is definitely possible to conduct user testing on a budget. Remember though, the service you are requesting still takes time and effort on behalf of the designers, user specialists and testers. At times, investing a little extra so you can get the best package and most optimal results will be more beneficial for your future. All in all, any data gained through usability testing is advantageous and will aid you in some way, so don’t forget to schedule it in before your next launch!


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