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User Testing
End To End Managed Solution

Save time, remove the headache and get a concise, actionable report with all your key findings and recommendations from our website UX testing. We will test things such as; if your website is mobile friendly, if there are any navigation issues, ease of use, and much more! With a TestMate UX Testing Plan, you know that you're setting your website up to function at its best!

Project Brief

We make sure we are all on the same page in terms of your key objectives and testing requirements. This ensures we will nail the report!

Test Plan & Written Survey

Test Plans can be tricky remote testing. We keep our test plans quite open, So users navigate more natural. The written survey then gets into the nitty gritty.

QA of Test Plan

You would be amazed at how easy it is for user to get side tracked with remote user testing. To make sure it hits and mark, we complete rigorous QA.

Video annotation & Data Matrix

In our UX testing, we go through an review your videos second by second and annotate all the key findings. Both this and your written survey then go into a powerful data matrix, making it easy to pull out all the key findings.

Report & Highlights Video

Get all your findings from our website UX report in an easy to digest report, outlining key findings, problems found and recommendations. Your stakeholders will love our 5-8 minute highlights video.

So if you're interested to test if your website is mobile friendly, or to see how to improve user experience - get in touch with the experts at TestMate today to arrange UX Testing for your website![_IIiACGYZ?:1[Og}y`y%dW*k8qaJD7b>=cyY&iT1Zf`tA7cPI4_j/L{/.cCzJ