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User Testing: Government Agencies

Government agencies have a duty of care towards the public that extends to online services. Departments
are responsible for building websites that are usable for everyone, despite their digital literacy levels.

Meet Australian Government content standards

Design a platform that can be used by everyone. Watch real users interact with your website and determine whether it meets accessibility and inclusivity design guidelines developed by the Australian government. Improve areas that are lacking and overall UX.

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Usability should come first

18.3% of Australians live with a disability affecting their daily lives. 44% of the population have the lowest literacy rate (level 1-2). The more usable your website is, the easier it will be for people to gather and process information on the page.

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Design with functionality

Create an accessible and inclusive platform from the beginning. Continuously research and test prototypes, changes or design implementations before going live. The focus should be on functionality rather than what is currently trending.

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