Utilising Customer Feedback on Explainer Videos Utilising Customer Feedback on Explainer Videos

Utilising Customer Feedback on Explainer Videos

  • date-ic 30 May 2019
  • time-ic 2 minutes read

So, now you know the huge value explainer videos can add in the right context, and how to use customer feedback or A/B testing to get them spot on for your target demographics.

Next we’re going to walk you through a survey we carried out for one of our clients, Lumeo. And – more importantly – how they were able to use the customer feedback drawn from it to fine tune their explainer video.

Lumeo wanted to get precise feedback on their Enboarder video, directly from participants who had just viewed it.

Our UX team came up with a short survey, asking participants to explain the video in their own words and express what came to mind when thinking about the concept.

They were then grilled on their likes and dislikes, and understanding of the concept, before being asked to choose from a selection of words that best described the video.

“Easy to use, customisable time and task management tool.” Lisa

“The music and the pace keeps me interested. It also explains what it does and easy to understand.” Samantha

The results that emerged from the customer feedback on Lumeo’s explainer video painted an interesting picture: participants generally displayed a strong overall understanding of the offering, despite the video being under 2 minutes long.

On top of this they also found the video friendly and fresh, as well as engaging and easy to understand.

“Looks very engaging and fun to use, far more interactive than other onboarding methods” Harry

However, it’s the negative feedback that pointed to the key changes needed to take their explainer video to the next level, as viewers raised questions including the cost of the service and what differentiates it from similar products.

From the customer feedback Lumeo were able to pinpoint where and why viewers were unclear, and understand exactly which vital parts of their message were not getting through.

All this was turned around within 2 days, so Lumeo could seamlessly action the necessary changes to boost the explainer video’s impact, all without disrupting their iterative timeline.

The power, scope and versatility of video as a medium is probably unparalleled; it’s potential to make a message hit home hard in minutes unrivalled. But getting the message on the mark is where many come unstuck.

So why not go the way of Lumeo, and keep the user at the centre of your explainer video by scripting, designing and producing it on the back of customers insights.

Do you want to turn up the volume on your explainer videos? Are you worried about vital parts of your message not hitting the target? If so, give our UX team at TestMate a call to have a chat about how we can help you out with customer insights from feedback surveys.


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