Web Design Trends for 2019 Web Design Trends for 2019

Web Design Trends for 2019

  • date-ic 28 Feb 2019
  • time-ic 3 minutes read

In recent years, we have seen the emergence of some exciting new technologies that we will see more and more in 2019 and beyond. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality is just starting to change the scape of web design, and over the next few years, the changes will become much more significant.

Over the past few years, trends in web design have seen a widespread impetus towards creativity, abandoning grids, boxes and play safe style of design, opting for bolder color schemes, asymmetrical patterns, and natural shapes.

2019 is shaping up to see these aesthetic and technological changes come together in a brand new way.

Certain trends seem to transcend time. Perhaps it is not correct to even refer to them as trends at all, but timeless and intelligent essentials that every website should integrate. The following “trends” could be considered fundamentals and are the best web design trends 2019 offers today, tomorrow and maybe into the future!


Findings from TestMate’s user testing has proven time and time again, the benefit of a clean and fresh minimalist aesthetic.

People do not want to think more than they have to and are easily distracted. A cluttered layout which contains excessive elements that are not necessary is shown to cause confusion, affect key decision-making processes, which will have a negative impact on sales and conversions.

Excessive elements can result in slower page loading times, another negative factor in regards to user experience.

Furthermore, cluttered sites or brutalism is not as visually pleasing to users as a well-designed website that expertly guides visitors to exactly what they are looking for.

For this reason, Minimalism will remain the top choice for web designers and will continue to rule the digital landscape in 2019 and beyond.


The integration of user interactivity has come along in great strides in recent years. When you compare it to the early days on the internet, when it was pretty much non-existent, it has come a very long way. This trend will continue to rise in popularity in 2019.

Users spend more time on pages that feature interactive elements. Therefore, clients should seriously consider where and how they can incorporate more interactivity into their web design in 2019.

With the technologies already mentioned such as AI, AR, and VR, there will not be a shortage of innovative ways to include more interaction. The challenge for web developers in regards to this UX design trend will be to help clients overcome their hesitation to pay for advanced interactivity, even when they can see a huge benefit. Mass adoption of these technologies in web design should see costs of integration being dramatically reduced, this will happen when development processes become more automated.

Mobile Optimised Navigation

We are now living in the age of the smartphone. Internet usage via a mobile device in recent years has leapfrogged usage via a desktop computer.

Google has even begun to switch to a mobile-first index, meaning Google will now be ranking your site based on your mobile content.

If Google is taking mobile more seriously, then why shouldn’t you too?

In 2019 having a mobile optimised website will be essential. It will ensure that the majority of users who are visiting your site, will have a favorable experience. You need to optimise your site to take into consideration all screen sizes to ensure visitors will not lose patience and simply exit your site.

With regards to web design, there are three different options to consider; responsive, mobile-friendly and mobile optimized. By far the most advanced option is mobile optimised which reformats all content for all of the various devices it will be viewed from. Mobile optimised websites will perform better on all mobile devices.

When speaking specifically about navigation, your mobile navigation includes menu and internal links. Good mobile navigation will enhance user experience by helping them find what they are looking for without compromising site speed or cluttering design. It should also take into consideration PageRank flowing to important pages that you want to rank highly in search engines.

Are You Up To Date?

When was your website updated last? Are you up to date? Technology is moving at light speed, and if you haven’t updated your site recently, you should. Current web design trends are incredibly important and you don’t want to get left behind!


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