When Is It Time for User Testing? When Is It Time for User Testing?

When Is It Time for User Testing?

  • date-ic 31 Aug 2018
  • time-ic 2 minutes read

Always, is the short answer. The best and most successful companies are in a continual process of evolution and innovation. Change is continuous, those that stand still will stagnate. If your company is looking to evolve or innovate or diversify, by launching a new product, developing a new website or creating a new customer journey, be in no doubt that user testing will add significant value to your endeavours.

But we get that, while in an ideal world we would constantly stress test our products and carefully and continuously gauge user experiences, in the real world time is tight and marketing and development budgets aren’t unlimited. With this in mind, here are four scenarios where there’s an extremely strong case for user testing:

1. You’re launching a new concept 

You’ve spent months researching, designing and developing your latest product range, you might even be ready to launch, but you can’t rid yourself of the niggling doubts about how consumers will take to it. Now would be the ideal time to comprehensively user test your new product or conceept, to avoid financial or time wastage in unnecessary development or design flaws. And with over 4000 Australian testers, spanning the country and demographics, TestMate can easily pull together a cross section of your target audience.

2. You’ve redeveloped or expanded your website

We’re fully aware of how much blood, sweat and tears goes into designing and developing an easy on the eye and user-friendly corporate website. Why put all that at risk when there’s hassle free solution to get critical insights and detailed analysis with our user testing? An outside perspective from a fresh set of eyes is always welcome, but imagine the feedback you’ll get from dozens. Let concrete analysis and solid data from testers matching your users guide your vision.

3. Your sales or growth aren’t up to scratch

You’ve fallen behind your competitors in one way or another and your bottom line just isn’t what it should be because of this. User testing could shine a light on the sticking points and issues behind your poor conversion or retention rate, and lead you to the small tweaks or radical overhaul to turn around your business. Whether it’s abandoned baskets, an overpriced product or a website lacking gravitas and trust, user testing can get to the core issue super-easily.

4. Your users aren’t fully engaging with your content

For reasons you just can’t quite pinpoint, your users aren’t fully engaging with your content. You may not be hitting your targets for daily or monthly active users, or users maybe just visiting one page and not responding to Call To Actions. This can have a major adverse effect on sales or conversions, but with our advanced user testing you can quickly and cleanly diagnose problems.

Be it the copy, information architecture or design, comprehensive user testing with TestMate will point you in the right direction. So get in touch today to tailor your user testing for bespoke insights and critical analysis!


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