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Getting Key User Feedback on Explainer Videos - 2 minutes read

Explainer videos are a super easy, attention grabbing and customer friendly way to get your message across – whether it’s to launch your new product or service, or a concise overview on your company or brand.

Get it right and you’ll show potential customers what you can do and why you’re the best. Even better, you’ll pre-empt the most common questions they’ll ask.

Get it wrong and you could put off heaps of them while watching a serious investment go down the drain.

You’ve probably seen them popping up all over the net, from tiny startups to established giants – think Amazon Go and Google. Yes, explainer videos are on the rise.

To make the biggest splash with your brand explainer video, you must understand its impact on viewers. This is where getting direct customer feedback comes in. Only when you have a handle on this can you understand the video’s effects on your business goals.

Here we’re going to quickly run you through two options for evaluating your explainer video: customer feedback surveys (generally more useful in pre-release) and A/B tests (for measuring post-release success rates).

Customer Feedback Surveys

Gather a small sample of test participants from your target audience and have them watch the video

  • Ask them some general likes and dislikes about the design and content
  • Get them to describe the service or product in their own words (you can then compare this to the actual offering to gauge their understanding)
  • Ask them how confident they are that they understood the offering
  • A word association may also be useful here (they can give invaluable insight into the overarching brand message conveyed)

Your team can then analyse the survey results to inform iterative changes to the video design and fill in any gaps in customer comprehension.

A/B Tests

  • Decide on a success metric – this could be conversion or leads for example
  • Run a split test on your landing page with and without the explainer (Google optimiser can easily help you with this)
  • Compare with video and without video results

An A/B test like this will show you if you’re using your video in the right way. It will give you hard data on whether it’s actually having a positive impact on your business goals (in line with your chosen success metric, see above).

For more insight on how a customer feedback survey can help with creating, assessing and fine-tuning an elite explainer video, stay tuned for our next article when we’ll tell you about an illuminating survey we completed for one of our clients, Lumeo.

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